MARITIME EDUCATION
                 MELODIC CIRCLE


                            The MARITIME EDUCATION MELODIC CIRCLE (MEMC) is an organization, which was originally organized by the College of Nautical Studies and of the Campus Ministry last 1993. It was then reorganized by the College of Maritime Education in 2009. It is one of the recognized campus organizations by the Director for Student Affairs and Services. It consists of bonafide BSMT/Nautical students & BSMAR-E/Marine Engineers where it recognizes the strength of its members as a tool and to develop to become a “Total Person” as well as the whole community.


                             The MARITIME EDUCATION MELODIC CIRCLE (MEMC) aims to develop the talents of each member through singing and playing musical instruments.  It assists for the social and academic activities of the College of Maritime Education and serves as choir in religious activity of the Campus Ministry. It motivates the youth mostly in participating various student activities socially, academically and spiritually.